A subscription is required to use Symantec Live Update. Symantec Live Update can run in interactive or express mode. In interactive mode, the user decides which updates to download and apply. In express mode, all relevant updates will be downloaded and applied. LiveUpdate also runs in silent mode in the background and also in Express mode. LiveUpdate notifies the user if a reboot is required. Users can reboot within the LiveUpdate interface.

You need to ensure that your Norton antivirus software works correctly before doing anything, such as sharing files with other computers on your business network. Some types of…

While using a PC, the user can face numerous Windows errors. These error codes appear when the system files are not working. Windows is a secure and reliable OS but still runs into errors. Whenever your PC shows an error, you should inspect the error and then repair it. Most Windows errors can be resolved manually.

Windows error code 998

Error code 998 is a common Windows error that mainly appears when the system faces a runtime error. The user runs a program and it can’t get the system resources. This occurs when the user is running lots of programs together. If your system…

The Canon LBP6230 is one of the wireless laser printer perfect for personal and home office printing. The Canon LBP6230 Setup is an easy-to-use printer that fits perfectly on your desktop due to its compact size. With the help of this article, you will know about the canon lbp6230 wifi setup.

Unpack the Canon LBP6230 printer:

  • Place your packaging on a flat surface.
  • Remove all seals.
  • Check the cartridges, USBs, power cables, CDs, and other necessary parts.
  • Connect your printer to a power source.
  • Carefully remove the cartridge and remove all packaging.
  • Insert the cartridge into your printer.
  • Load paper…

The Canon lbp6230dw is an extremely in-vogue single-work printer. This printer is popular for its super quick photograph printing. You can, without much of a stretch, interface the printer to your brilliant gadget and print without any problem. This rapid printer permits you to print top-calibre on shiny and semi-polished pages. The printer is viable with Windows, Mac, and telephone gadgets.

Super quick photograph printing is the primary alternative accessible on your printer. Pick a Canon LBP6230DW printer without hearing the second point of view. In addition to the fact that it meets your decision, however, the arrangement technique is…

Your own Yahoo! email account can only be changed during an active session, so that you will need your password in all cases. If you forget your password, you will require requesting a new password from Yahoo and changing it immediately. This is the only way to protect your email account from unauthorized access adequately.

With the amount of online services used, it can always happen that you forget a password. Yahoo offers you several options for regaining access to your account and then Resetting yahoo mail password. We’ll show you how it works. If you want to change your…

Just want to print something quickly, but your hp printer offline? Such an issue that the printer is offline is always nerve-wracking, especially if there is a connection problem.

There is a connection problem if your printer shows as offline even though you have correctly connected it via USB or Wi-Fi, and it should be online.

The hp printer offline while connected: the most common reasons your printer is offline.

Even though your HP printer is connected with a USB cable, it shows as offline. This initial situation alone is irritating.

The inevitable consequence of this: your printer no longer…

Ultra-fast photo printing is the first option available on your printer. Choose a Canon LBP6230DW printer without getting a second opinion. Not only does it meet your choice, but the setup procedure is also much easier than with other printers. Also, the page selection is not specific. You can print on any page, whether glossy or not.

The printer is also suitable for all operating systems such as Windows and Mac and can also be operated by phone. However, to get all these benefits, you must first set up your Canon LBP6230DW. In addition, the Canon LBP6230DW wireless setup allows…

Canon printer is an advanced printer series that provides multifunctionality to the users. For home users, Canon is a very good device as these printers are small in size so the user can easily place the printer anywhere at home. Canon inkjet provides good quality printouts; you can take color printouts with a good speed. At home, people use many devices to work. Canon printer provides a sharing facility. You can easily share one printer with all your devices. Now you don’t have to connect the Canon device with a system using the cable for connection. Users can also use…

Step By Step Guide to Solve Canon Error

Canon is a famous camera and imaging device manufacturing company. This industry is also known for manufacturing top printer devices. Users can find good printer devices with Canon. It provides laser, inkjet, multifunctional, etc printer devices for your work. You can purchase any printer device according to your necessity and take the printouts easily. Indeed Canon printers are highly robust but there are still few errors you can get while using the Canon device.

Canon printer is not available

The printer not available or the printer is an offline error that occurs when it is not connected to the commanding…

Windows is the most common and reliable operating system. People prefer using Windows devices as they are available with various specifications and are cost-effective. But sometimes; the user can face a few error codes while running the system on Windows OS. You have to inspect the error code and find solutions.

Windows error code 1068

This error code appears on the Windows 8 devices. A user can get into 1068 code due to runtime issues. The current running programs crash and error code 1068 displayed on the screen. When you get the error code; close your running program and all…

Novella Johns

Here I share the technical related error solution. Users can simply fix the laptop, printer errors by some steps.

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