How to Do Wireless Setup of Canon Pixma MG2522 Printer?

Novella Johns
4 min readJun 9, 2022


For more than half a century, the company has focused on the quality of images such as film, digital cameras, lenses, and printing technology. Its printer family includes many models, innovative features, and functions that deliver reliable, high-quality print results to consumers, small businesses, and global organizations.
• Single function inkjet and laser printers
• Multifunction laser and inkjet printer
• Colour and black and white laser printer
• Printers for home and small offices at almost all speeds and service levels
• Compact portable printer
• Large scanner

With dozens or hundreds of models to choose from, Canon printers are available for all your printing needs, including homes, small businesses, printers, and large businesses. Compatibility is also Canon’s focus, providing hardware suitable for Windows and Mac operating systems or corporate networks.

Canon printers are not only designed to produce high-quality, high-quality images but also to be easy to install and operate. But sometimes your computer or printer does not work well and does not work perfectly. You may see a message stating that your Canon printer is not responding. When the Canon Pixma MG2522 Printer does not respond, Always make sure it is clear first:
• Is the printer on and ready?
• Try another USB port if possible
• If the router or access point is wireless, does it work properly?

Connectivity — For many printers using wireless technology today, this can be a configuration issue with the network router, access point, or printer settings.

To resolve the wireless connection, you can do the following on your printer (if possible, get the password for the router or access point first).

  • Press the [Settings] button, select [Wireless LAN Settings], and then select [OK].
  • Select an access point, enter your password when prompted, and click OK.
  • Load the Canon setup media onto your computer, run the program, and use EasyInstall to install the Canon software on your system. The printer is now located on the network during the installation process. Then click Next to complete the installation.

There is also a guide on how to troubleshoot a wireless network. This is a fairly simple one-time process.

Software: The operating system or driver may be outdated or missing. Even if you used the installation media that came with your printer, important updates might have been made since the media was created.

Restart your computer — this is often restored if you lose your connection to your wireless device. It may not be set to the correct port for the printer Type dev in the Windows search box and select Devices and Printers to use Device Manager. From this view, you can access more tabs to see the settings of your canon pixma mg2522 wireless setup.

General: Displays the printer’s location, such as an IP address.

Port — Details of the IP address, including the port type, with the ability to update this information as needed. Some printers require certain port assignments to work properly.

After checking that all printer settings and configurations are correct, and if you still receive an error message stating that your Canon printer is not responding, check the current status of the software on your system.

System and driver updates

Windows Update is an “official” tool from Microsoft to keep your Windows PC up to date with the latest enhancements, new features, and bug fixes. Accessing Windows Update is a simple process and can help resolve issues such as Canon’s unresponsive printers.

Windows Update checks for updates that apply to your system and makes them available for download and installation. Follow the instructions and let Windows Update do the rest.Yet, many computer users are not accustomed to performing such updates to their operating system. In addition, Windows Update may not include all updates from all vendors that have hardware installed on your computer, including Canon Pixma MG2522 Printer.

Canon printer driver update

After searching for and downloading the driver from the Canon Web site, type “device” in the Windows search box and select Device Manager again to start Device Manager, Right-click on your Canon printer, select the Advanced tab, and click the New Driver button.

Windows will ask for the location of the Canon driver file downloaded from the Web site. Select the saved folder and file.Windows installs the driver for the downloaded printer, and the printer will be available with the updated software.

If all of these processes seem too complicated, or if you are new to system updates and driver installations, there is an easier, faster, and more secure way to get things done. You can do canon pixma mg2522 wireless setup in easy ways.

Driver Support maintains a database of millions of drivers for almost every possible device on your system. Download and install complex software to quickly and easily update your system with missing or outdated drivers. This updates the system for Canon Pixma MG2522 Printer and keeps all system drivers up to date to maintain optimum performance.

A driver is a small program that interacts with the operating system to control all the hardware. Like other computer files, driver files can be corrupted or corrupted. This may cause the device to produce unexpected results or stop working completely. Regularly checking the system drivers for driver support issues can help you resolve a driver issue before it becomes an issue.



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