How to Solve Error Code B200 for Canon MX922 Printer?

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Every consumer of Canon inkjet printer will have the chance to come across the B200 Error Code in the printer. The malfunction from the Canon Inkjet printer is quite variatifly, but the key of its Error Code B200. The B200 mistake maybe can point to a number of different things, but essentially it is an issue with the print head. Apart from that, the difficulties generally have relation using waste ink tank full, Waste ink pad complete along with another region of the printhead.

This recommendation like turn OFF this printer and then turn it ON. But we found a few more alternative robust fixes which involve working together with the printer heads.

Error B200 Reasons:

Exactly why the printer is a mistake, and What Happens Away from this Printer Error?

One of those causes:

The mistake on the printer happened when a newspaper was published and the ink entirely empty, in circumstance if a cartridge is totally meaningless.

According to Canon, it also is on account of overseas cartridges, where the printer can’t cope. Cleaning and assessing the printheads can help with the mistake. However, you need to remember it alternative only if the printer is not ensured, since the guarantee may be void, since you might damage the printhead.

Another of those causes:

Another reason for the error usually happens when distinct formulations of ink are used from the printer. This error in a few instances happens if you replace or replace an OEM cartridge without legitimate goods, and this item is normally with low price provide, which have questionable toner calibre and/or construct quality.

How to Repair the printer together with Error B200?

There are two stages to work out this mistake; the hardware technical stage and the applications technical stage of the printer.

Stage 1: Hardware Technical Stage

In this stage, we’ve got five option for fix the printer malfunction code B200. These alternatives come in numerous times expertise of printer tech after confronting the same mistake by.

Check the repairs and solution of this issue; we’ll find manuals incremental for clearing this dilemma. Select among the five available alternatives below:

Option 1:

1-Switch off the Printer.

2-Open the printer cover subsequently show the ink cartridges.

3-Eliminate the Printhead in the Printer cautiously.

4-Clean the Printhead Alongside all the Ink Cartridges.

5-Clean the touchpads at the Printer using a touch cleaner or a fantastic pen eraser.

6-Reinstall the ink cartridges then before stocking up the Printer.

Option 2:

1-Switch OFF Power of this Printer.

2-Open the printing head bay (like you were going to change masks ).

3-Wait for the printing carriage to begin moving into the left and allow it to move beyond halfway.

4-Before printing, the carriage reaches hand (but after moving halfway across) closed the cover.

5-I turned about the Printer back again.


1-Lots of printer users attempt this easy solution, and the issue of this Printer is solved.

2-Eliminate ink cartridges.

3-Clean back of the Printhead (digital pins) with alcohol (isopropyl cleansing alcohol when possible). Be sure that the hooks are 100% pure.

4-Switch off the Printer (don’t shut it!) By plugging off electricity cable (don’t utilize power button).

5-Clean electronics pins in Printer (the place in which you put in Printhead). Ensure it’s 100% wash.

6-RE set up Printhead, then put in ink cartridges.

Switch printer ON typically.

7-Check if the Printer is functioning normally (no mistakes ).

Option 4:

1-Switch off the Printer.

2-Open the cap of the Printer and get rid of the colour cartridges.

3-Eliminate the sledge where the capsules were formerly put.

4-Wash the capsules with water. Be cautious. Wash it utilizes isopropanol (there at the drugstore ) for maximum benefits, so the Printhead can’t clog with lime.

5-Be sure the golden contacts aren’t moist. Otherwise, you may damage the print head.

6-Dry everything is attentive. Ensure that no residual water gets to the Printer.

7- Reinstall capsules and carriages at the first location.

Switch ON the Printer.

If the concept of Canon mx922 b200 Error appears, the Printer needs to be switched off again. Along with that, The flap needs to be opened before switching on. When changing ON again with the other open, the Printer then performs a self-test: The error shouldn’t happen to replicate more frequently, functions, and the issue solved.

Push the entire print head mechanic into the centre.

While the Printer opens, plug in power and then turn it ON.

Once the Printhead still moving and is still moving into the exact LEFT, shut the cover.

When you’ve to try, and next step through this initial stage manual, along with also the error still pops up on your Printer, then proceed into the next phase below.



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