What are the steps to connect your Canon printer to Wi-Fi?

Unbox your new Canon printer

  1. Place your Canon box on a flat surface
  2. Remove the tape and open the box
  3. Take out your Canon printer carefully
  4. Place the printer on a clean surface
  5. Take out the cartridge and check for CD, USB cable, printer manual, and power cord
  6. Remove all the proactive tapes from the printer and cartridge
  7. Connect your power cable to the printer and switch it on

Why and how to install the Canon printer driver?

The user needs to install the driver on the computer for communication. Your printer requires a bridge to understand the commands of your computer. When your computer hits the ctrl+P keys for the print command; the driver transfers the command to your printer. Every printer model has a different printer driver. You have to install the correct printer driver on the system for taking the printouts. Go to your device and check for a CD drive. If your system has a CD drive then insert the Canon CD and copy setup on your device. Now double-click on Canon setup and it will start installing on the computer.

Connecting Canon printer to the network using Wi-Fi

When you want to use one Canon printer for various devices then connect the printer to the network. After connecting the printer with your home network; the user can access the Canon printer from all the devices.

  1. Use WPS method for Canon Wi-Fi connection
  2. If you have a physical WPS pin on the network then you can use it for printer connection.
  3. Go to Canon primer and press the Wi-Fi until its alarm flashed once
  4. Wi-Fi lamp will start flashing
  5. Check your router and press the WPS pin



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Novella Johns

Novella Johns

Here I share the technical related error solution. Users can simply fix the printer errors by some steps.