Why is my HP printer not printing colors correctly?

Novella Johns
5 min readApr 1, 2022

HP is a popular hardware company globally known for PCs and printers. It is one of the top printer manufacturing industries. New HP printer models offer multi-functionality.

You can use your HP device for printout, scanning as well as tax purposes. These printers offer good reliability and printout quality. The printer size varies on the type and requirements. HP also offers pocket printers. You can easily carry those small-sized printers anywhere.

For companies, HP offers high-speed laser printers. HP also offers smart inkjet printers that provide bright printouts at a very good speed.

But some users reported that their HP printer is not printing the colors correctly. This issue appears when the HP printer cartridges are not working properly.

Reasons behind Hp Printer Not Printing Color Correctly

  1. Cartridges are not installed correctly

2. The user has installed the wrong cartridge

3. You are using clone cartridges

4. The ink level is very low

5. The printer is running on draft mode

6. HP printer is unable to read the refilled cartridge

7. The device is facing any runtime error

8. Printhead is clogged

9. Fuser is not working correctly

10. Wrong printer preferences

Troubleshooting HP printer not printing color issues

Power restart your HP printer

Many times, HP printers show issues when it gets into a runtime error. The error occurs when a user sends a new command while the printer is already busy.

To fix the error, the user should restart the device. When the HP printer is ON, remove the power cable.

Now reconnect the cable after 1 minute. All the printer’s services will run from the beginning. Send a new print command and check its color properties.

Run a printer troubleshooter

If the cause of the printer color issue is unknown then try running a printer troubleshooter. Your HP printer can show color issues when some printer-related files are not working.

To fix those files, you can run the Windows printer troubleshooter tool. Open the Update and Security tab and click on Troubleshooter.

Now hit on the Printers option and select the HP printer. Run the inbuilt printer troubleshooting tool and it will start searching for corrupted files. The tool will repair those files on your computer.

After fixing it, you will get a report on the screen. If it shows fixed; your printer will start working correctly. In case, the troubleshooter is unable to fix the error then click on learn more opinion. It will show the cause behind your HP printer color error.

Reinstall your HP printer cartridges

If the ink error is appearing installing a new cartridge then try reinstalling it. Sometimes, the cartridge doesn’t fit correctly and then the printer shows color issues. Go to the HP printer and lift the scan tray.

Now go to the cartridges and remove them carefully. Start installing the cartridges on the printer. While inserting the cartridge you will hear a click sound. It means the cartridge is installed correctly. Now restart the printer and take a test printout.

Don’t use clone cartridges

People often get ink color issues when they are using clone cartridges. Original cartridges are costly as if you take lots of printouts daily, cartridges will get empty in a few days.

To save money, people start using clone cartridges on the HP printer. Indeed these cartridges are cheaper but can cause printing issues. You won’t get high-quality printouts using the clone cartridges.

Also, these are fit-for-all cartridges that may damage your printer. Instead of using clone cartridges, you can go for cartridge refills. Refilling cartridges is also good for the environment.

When the cartridge gets empty, people often dump it in the open. One cartridge can cause lots of damage to the environment as it contains harmful contents. Refilling the cartridge will cut the prices.

When the cartridge gets empty, the user can refill it with high-quality ink and then use it on the printer easily.

Reinstall all cartridges

Some people get color issues after installing a refilled cartridge. This error occurs when the printer is unable to read the refilled error. In the printer data, the cartridge is still empty.

To fix this error, the user should reinstall all the cartridges. Go to the cartridges and remove all of them. All printer slots’ status must be empty. Now install the refilled cartridge on another slot and check the slot status.

Your printer will start reading the cartridge. Now remove the refilled cartridge and start inserting the cartridges into the correct slots.

Go to the printer and send a new print command to check the HP printer color error.

Check the printer preferences

Sometimes the HP printer won’t print in black color. This error occurs due to changes in printer preferences. To fix the printer error check the preferences and set it as default.

  1. On PC, open a document

2. Choose the Print option

3 . You will see a list of printers

4. Select your HP printer

5. Hit on the Properties button

6. Choose Options and tap on Printer Preferences

7. Now select the Features tab

8. Choose the Advanced option

9. Click on Print in Grayscale and choose Black Only

10. Hit on the Black and White button

Now the printer will start printing in the correct color scale. Send a new print job and take your printouts.

Clean the printhead

Your printer can show color issues when the printhead is clogged. The head gets clogged with the dry ink and needs to be cleaned regularly.

If the head is not clean, it can’t move correctly and will show printing issues. You should remove all the clogged ink from the printhead.

  1. Go to the Control Panel

2. Select the Printers and Scanner folder

3. Choose your printer and hit on Properties

4. Tap on Printing Preferences and click on Service

5. Select Printer Services and hit on Clean Printheads

Your printer power lamp will start blinking while cleaning the printhead. After cleaning, take a test printout. If the printout is still not clear then repeat the same steps twice.

You can also clean the printhead manually using a cloth. Remove the cartridges and then clean the contacts carefully. After cleaning, reinsert the cartridges and start printing your documents.

Inspect the fuser

The printer has a fuser that fuses the ink on the paper using heat and pressure. But the fuser often gets overheated and stops working. If the colors on the printouts do not seem correct, shut down the printer for a while.

Wait until the fuser cools down and then restart printing the documents. In case the fuser is fully burnt out then you have to install a new fuser on your printer.

Check the printing mode

HP provides 3 printing modes; high, normal, and draft mode. If the HP printer is showing color issues then check the printing mode. For bright printouts, change the mode to high.

Your printer provides faded printouts if it is in draft mode. Go to the printer settings and change the mode to normal or high. Now your HP device will start printing in better quality.

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