Why is my Norton not working on Windows 10?

Why Norton Live Update Fail

A lot of people are spending endless hours trying to solve Norton live update errors without understanding the root reason behind the issue.

Fix Norton Update Error

We now know the possible problems, please follow the steps One by One and See whether this can help you resolve the issue.

Try Disabling The Windows Firewall

This is currently the most frequent cause of this issue. You can try this solution temporarily In order to correct the Norton update error, go to “ System and Security” within the control panel. Or you can locate it in the beginning, and proceed to the next step -
Windows Firewall > Turn Windows Firewall On or Off and then turn Off Windows Firewall.

Remove/Disable all other security Software

Please ensure that you remove any security software that is not needed from your system. Even after dean stalling, many antivirus programs leave leftover files and plugins within the system. Use an uninstaller tool to remove the software or manually uninstall the antivirus program.

Free the space on hard Drive

At times, Norton Antivirus try to download several files that are huge however you don’t have adequate space available on your system that causes Norton Antivirus Stuck on Update. For this issue, it’s fairly simple. You just need to remove certain files that are not stored on your system, or backup certain files to the cloud, or from your personal hard disk.



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Novella Johns

Novella Johns

Here I share the technical related error solution. Users can simply fix the printer errors by some steps.