Why My HP Laptop Not Charging Properly?

why is my laptop plugged in not charging hp

HP is one of the top laptop brands which provides advanced features and reliable service. You can easily find a good HP laptop at a budget-friendly cost. Indeed HP laptops are robust yet there are lots of people who get changing-related issues in HP laptops. They reported that the laptop battery not charging the HP device. The charging issues can appear due to faulty hardware as well as an error in the software.

Possible reasons behind HP laptop not charging error:

Your power cord is faulty

The laptop battery is permanently dead

Malware infection has corrupted your device drivers

OS is unable to respond

Best methods for troubleshooting HP laptop charging issues:

Check the power cord

Inspect the power cord (AC adapter) of your device. Sometimes the adapter is not connected correctly and shows an error. Take out the cord from the laptop and wall outlet. Now reconnect the cord to the wall outlet. Make sure you have the electricity. Now connect the other end of the cord to the laptop and then check whether the laptop is charging or not. Press and hold the power button of your laptop until it gets turned off completely. Now turn on your laptop and press the F2 key immediately repeatedly. The UEFI hardware diagnostics screen will appear on the screen:

1. The main menu will appear on the screen

2. Go to Components Tests

3. Click on Power

4. On the power menu, click on the AC Adapter test

5. Click on the Run Once option

6. Follow the on-screen instructions

After completing the test, you will get a result screen showing whether the AC adapter is working or not. If the power cord is faulty then you need to replace it.

Inspect the battery of your HP laptop

If your laptop adapter is working but your laptop is not working then you need to check the battery. Turn off the HP laptop and remove the battery. Now check the battery and pins. Make sure there is no physical damage to the battery. Reinsert the battery on your laptop and connect the power cord. Now check whether the laptop battery is charging or not. If the battery is still showing the error then run a battery test. Follow the given steps to diagnosing your battery:

1. Turn on your laptop

2. Go to HP PC Hardware Diagnostics Window

3. Now right-click on the Apps

4. Select Run as administrator option

5. Now go to the Component tests (on the menu)

6. You will get the list of components tests

7. Hit the Power button

8. Click on the Battery Check option

9. Tap the Run once the option

Now you have to wait until the program is running. The battery test will take a few minutes to complete. Now hit the Finish button on the components Tests page and go to Test logs and check the results. If the status shows Passed that means your battery is fine. In case you see the Replace status on the result then your battery is not working and you need to replace it.

Run a malware scan

If the user is suspecting any malware infection on the laptop then you should use the antivirus. Detecting and removing malware manually is quite difficult. You can use the Windows Defender tool for scanning the laptop. After completing the scan, restart the HP device and then check for the battery.

Update all the device drivers

The charging error can appear when the PC drivers get outdated or corrupted. Visit the driver folder on your laptop and check for updates. If a new update is available then install it immediately. Finding a corrupted driver manually is difficult. You can use the driver update tool for updating/restoring the drivers. Install and run the driver update tool on the HP laptop. Now restart the system to apply the changes. Check whether the battery is charging or not. In case the error is appearing due to an error on the motherboard then you have to ask the technician for help.

Here I share the technical related error solution. Users can simply fix the laptop, printer errors by some steps.